North America

Premium Efficiency Line "M"

With the power of Mayekawa's research and development department we are pleased to introduce the new M-series compressor. The M-series was created to combat current soaring energy costs with the ability to reduce Kw consumption, while still providing the tonnage required. The M-series will definitely prove to be the most efficient reciprocating compressor in the global market place.

  • Greater efficiency with a screw capacity range
  • Less BHP per ton
  • Compact in design
  • Precision design effortless overhaul
  • 50% ~ 60% increase in run times between overhauls (*based on best case scenario)

The W-series has time and again, proven its superiority in countless applications. It has set the standard for performance and durability in refrigeration for the past 20 years. Ease of operation and the simplicity of overhaul allow you to accurately determine your costs up front, cut down times to a minimum.

  • Ease of overhaul
  • Long life with proper maintenance
  • Optimum Vi at all time
  • Simple oil cooling and simple head cooling
  • Makes heat recovery easy.

Designed specifically for, but not limited to, halocarbon refrigerants its size can offer a wide array of services from Industrial to Commercial purposes. Developed with the same high quality consistency Mayekawa compressors are famous for, they continually offer a long life with low operational and maintenance costs.
Also available in the K-series line are the HK the high pressure recips. Developed primarily for heat pump application, it's available in 6 cylinders only.

  • Internal relief valve
  • Optimum Vi at all time
  • Ease of operation
  • Compact in design
  • CFM 93.7 ~ 187.4
  • Max. discharge pressure HK ONLY 580Psi
  • Max. suction pressure HK ONLY 290Psi

A light weight high performance compressor well suited to accommodating loads normally reserved for a WB compressor. It's an ideal choice for almost all applications and can be directly coupled to a 4 pole motor or diesel engine to create a small lightweight, high speed unit.

  • Ease of overhaul
  • Internal relief valve
  • Wide range of applications
  • CFM 231 ~ 462 (NH3 1750 rpm)

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