North America

Premium Efficiency Line "J"

The J-series with its innovative new rotor profile will revolutionize the refrigeration industry. With this winning design, our focus being driven towards energy efficiency, the COP (Coefficient of Performance) has even surpassed Mayekawa's high standards.

  • Energy savings
  • Extremely low noise and vibration
  • 508 PSIG design pressure for a wide range of applications
  • API grade hydro dynamic radial bearings for a reliable and efficient operation.
  • Flange motor for easy motor alignment.* Both compressor and flange spacer are base mounted for ease of service. (* Flange mounted motors on 170 and 220 only)

An industry workhorse for over 15 years it was designed and manufactured with the intent of combining maximum performance with ease of operation and high reliability. With standards such as manual variable Vi, capacity control and various options for oil cooling the Mycom V series will continue to be a standard for compression for years to come.

  • Manually adjustable Vi
  • Wide range of applications
  • 295 CFM to 5760 CFM (R717 @ 3550rpm)
  • CP-IV control panel for local control
  • Thermosyphon, Water cooled, and Liquid injection oil cooling available

Simple and precise equals a more cost effective design. Designed to be coupled with a variable frequency drive and motor, this compressor will achieve its peak efficiency and ensure maximum cooling capacity with minimum power.

  • Step load and unload 50%, 75%, 100%
  • Extremely low noise and vibration
  • No oil pump required pressure is built up by differential between suction and discharge.
  • 139 CFM to 441 CFM (R717 @ 3550rpm)
  • Thermosyphon, Water cooled, and Liquid injection oil cooling available

The compound C-series is the power of one designed for the duty of two. By combining the high and low stage rotors in one body it permits a 2 stage operation in one compressor. With two compressors in one you minimize your initial costs and maximize your output. Applications are found in many areas through two stage systems, low temperature fields and sites with high compression ratios.

  • As low as -80℉
  • 103 CFM to 8120 CFM (R717 @ 3550rpm)
  • No intercooler necessary
  • minimal foot print
  • Thermosyphon, Water cooled and Dx Oil cooling available

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