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Adsorption Chiller with Zeolite

Adsorption chiller Adref-Noa can produce 41℉~59℉ chilled water from 140℉~176℉ hot waste water. This machine is the ultimate act to reduce CO2 emissions. Expand the possibility of using renewable and unsed energy. Adref-Noa uses the water as its refrigerant and uses very little electricity. A system with a COP equalling 10 is in your reach.

  • Water as refrigerant, chemical-free air conditioning
  • Less than 1kW required as the main power.
  • No noise, no vibration
  • Maintenance made easy and inexpensive due to the long life of adsorbent
  • Low temperature heat sources

Model Z-3515
Cooling Capacity 105kW
Chilled Water Inlet Temp. 59℉
Flow Rate 12.1m3/h
Heat Source Inlet Temp. 154.4℉
Flow Rate 20.0m3/h
Cooling Water Inlet Temp. 80.6℉
Flow Rate 50m3/h
Refrigerant Pump 0.3kW
Vacuum Pump 0.4kW
Dimensions L145.67" x W59" x H110.23"
Net Weight 14,550 lbs

*There are other models available. Please contact an MAYEKAWA office for their specifications.

  • Renewable energy (solar heat, hot springs, geothermal, etc.)
  • Use solar light and heat to achieve HCFC/HFC/CFC free air conditioning.
  • Biomass energy (forest thinning, scrap wood, food waste, sewage sludge, etc.)
  • Convert industrial waste into biomass energy to achieve zero-emission plants.
  • Unused energy (waste heat from plants, combined heat and power (CHP),
     waste heat from industrial furnace, etc.)
  • Produce chilled water from unused heat source to eliminate existing HCFC/HFC/CFC chillers
         for green solution.