North America

Chemical-Free Refrigeration system specifically designed for Cold Storages

NewTon3000 is a new chemical-free refrigeration system specifically designed for cold storages. This system was created as a result of Mayekawa's long pursuit for a high energy efficiency. The electricity consumption is cut by 20%, when compared with that of conventional refrigeration systems with chemical refrigerants. By using CO2 as its secondary refrigerant, NewTon3000 cuts down the usage of Ammonia to 1/6.

Model HCS-45W
Standard Capacity 90kW
Power 45kW
Dimensions W116.14" x L72.83" x H90.55"
Net Weight 9480 lbs
Refrigerant 1st: NH3  2nd: CO2
Compressor Type Semi-hermetic screw compressor
Motor IPM Inverter motor

  • Cold Storage