North America

Slurry Ice System
Producing chilled water at 32℉

Mayekawa's Slurry Ice System uses slurry ice and a storage container (thermal storage) as the way to produce chilled water very close to 32℉. Compared with the conventional thermal storage systems, this system has a higher efficiency due to the low thermal resistance when the slurry ice is made. Slurry ice is stable and reliable enough to provide chilled water in high-load operations.

  • Highly efficient ice making system cuts down the running cost.
  • 20% energy-saving, compared with the stick ice system
  • By providing stable chilled water (at 32℉~33.8℉), improves the product quality
  • Environment-conscious product that uses a natural refrigerant (Ammonia) and freshwater as the thermal-storage medium.
  • The layout is flexible and can be fit in the limited installation space.

  • Dairy Plant
  • for cooling milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.
  • Beverage Plant
  • for pasteurization of milk, beverage
  • Food Plant
  • Noodles, tofu, bread, fish, brewing
  • HVAC