North America

M-Liner series Freezers
Easy-to-transport, mobile freezer.

The M-Liner series offers robust stainless steel construction on major components with a user-friendly control interface. The simple construction allows fast assembly and makes the installation as simple & easy as "Plug n' Run."

  • All welded stainless steel insulated enclosure
  • Welded frameworks and minimized hollow structures inside freezer
  • Effective belt vibrator design to improve fluidization process on wet products
  • Equipment meets USDA and CFIA requirements.
  • Unique coil design and various defrost systems to prolong operation time
  • Various CIP cleaning systems

Belt Width 2.5ft (760 mm) - 3ft (900mm)
Belt Material Stainless Steel
Structure Material Stainless Steel
Evaporaotr Material Stainless Steel / Alluminum
Insulated Enclosure Polyurethane / Polystyrene with SS / Painted Steel Sheet
Refrigerant Ammonia / Freon / CO2

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Meats
  • Seafood