North America

Water Heat Source Eco Cute
Hot and cold water simultaneously.

Eco Cute is a heat pump system that generates hot water by recovering heat energy from any waste heat source. It uses Co2, a natural refrigerant, instead of chemical refrigerants normally used in other heat pumps. Eco Cute contributes to the protection of the global environment. It is also highly efficient: Eco Cute can make 194℉ hot water from 149℉ inlet water with COP as high as 8.0.

Model HWW-2HTC
Heating Capacity 100kW ~ 50kW
Cooling Capacity 82kW ~ 356kW
Compressor Power 25kW
Refrigerant 744 (CO2)
Dimensions W44.88" x L50.91" x H75.55"
Weight 2,519 lbs
Water Supply Temperature +149℉ (inlet), +194℉ (outlet)
Heat Source Temp. Range +15.8℉ ~ +89.6℉

  • Hotels
  • Hot springs
  • Food processing plants
  • Beverage plants
  • Cheeze and dairy plants
  • Machinery plants