North America

Auto Pork Ham Deboning Machine "HAMDAS-R"
The world's first robot that held a knife.

HAMDAS is the world's first machine that automated pre-cut process which was believed to be impossible to be automated. 60% of thigh deboning can be done by this system. By measuring the whole length of each thigh, HAMDAS can assess the cut position individualy therefore providing a high yeild ratio. HAMDAS is waterproof and also requires no chopping board, which provides a clean environment. HAMDAS is simply the world's best auto pork deboning machine.

Capacity MAX. 500 legs/hr (with 3 pre-cut machines)
max. 170 legs/hr (with 1 pre-cut machine)
Dimensions W137.8"xL429.1"xH118.1" (with 3 pre-cut machine)
W137.8"xL307.8"xH118.1" (with 1 pre-cut machine)
Power AC200V, 25KVA x 2
Air 0.6MPa 2,400L/min.

  • Meat processing center