North America

Chicken Whole Leg Deboning Machine "TORIDAS"
1,000 units installed worldwide.

Automated pre-cut and final separation functions are the standard features. All you have to do is place chicken leg in TORIDAS, and TORIDAS separates the bone and the leg meat. The yield ratio is as good as when the process is done by hand. By removing human hands from the deboning process, Mayekawa succeeded in stablizing the quality of the product and the yield ratio, as well as improving the hygienic concern.

Capacity maximum 1,000 legs/hr, one for each left and right leg
Application Chicken whole leg (250~550g)
Dimensions W54.33" x L52.36" x H94.48"
Power 3 ϕ 200V 8KVA
Options Various options available. Please contact Mayekawa.

  • Chicken meat processing market